Singapore Airshow

The other week I was down at the Singapore Airshow for a couple of days, shooting for the EPA.

They were still setting up on the media preview day, so there was a bit of behind the scenes action going on.

I've never been to an airshow before.  It was somewhat impressive watching those pilots fly those big noisy jets.

I especially enjoyed the Republic of Korea Air Force Black Eagles, and not just because my wife is Korean.... 

Also watching the huge new Airbus making slow turns through the sky was mesmerising. I'm used to seeing big passenger aircraft like that roar on and off runways in straight lines, not making such graceful motions.

All us photographers were doing this:

Meanwhile, commercial airline execs, politicians, manufacturers and the military were making all kinds of multi million dollar deals.... Quite the event.

People seemed to be enjoying themselves....

My favourite shot from the whole show was of an Israel Aerospace Industries Super Heron Heavy Fuel unmanned aircraft - in other words a drone - under wraps before it's unveiling.  Unfortunately the editors at the news desk didn't run it, but I like to think I got a shot that says something about the clandestine nature of how this technology is being used..

Or at least, that's what I think.

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