SkyLife Magazine - Singapore Business Travel Article.

For Turkish Airlines inflight magazine SkyLife Biusiness I recently took a brief foray into travel writing, to go alongside some shots of Singapore I've taken.  As a foreigner in Singapore, I tried to give credit in the little space I had to some things that I think are interesting to Singapore, it's heritage and culture, while still making it relevant to the needs of the client by tailoring it to the business traveller. Many thanks for Quinn Ryan Mattingly for passing on my details to the editors at SkyLife

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Gathering Storm

Kilian's Birthday, East Coast Park, Singapore

A popular spot for a lot of Singaporeans, I don't get a chance to visit much as I live on the other side of the island.  Thanks to Stephen and Liz and Kilian for hosting....
And yes, eventually it did rain.

But for the rest of the time...