Traffic Tryptich

In Singapore, as in other places, how people get from A to B can reveal a lot. (I was on bus by the way.)

Don't mess with the professionals.

I spent a good part of the last three days photographing a LPGA golf tournament in Sentosa, Singapore. Of course I wasn't alone.  Here's some of the other photographers who were out and about. 

Warning: these are professionals. Do not attempt this at home.

Singapore's finest wire photographers:

As I don't cover a lot of sporting events, I haven't invested in any long, expensive telephoto lenses, apart from my 70-200, which is fairly standard, but still not that cheap.  However, I do have a second hand 400mm manual focus lens.  Which was perfectly fine for a more sedate sport like golf. It saw a lot of use during the competition and always gives me a sense of appreciation for the photographers that shot sports in the days before autofocus, so here it is, deservedly resting in the back of a golf cart on the way back to the club house after a long day....