Not bad, monkey boys.

My press pass couldn't get me a photography pass for the concert, but seeing as everyone with a cameraphone was ignoring the 'No photography, audio or video recording' rule, I thought I would too. 

Erm, Jedward.

I was having lunch in Lau Pa Sat with the lovely Sangita when who should stroll in but Jedward.  Doing what, I have no idea.  Frankly, they looked a little lost. And those outfits can't be comfortable in this tropical climate.  Or in any climate for that matter.

A hard day at the office.

These poor, overworked cameras.  Time for a little lie down and a nap.

not raining much

Late night construction site

With a 50mm, 200mm and 400mm. 

And here's two crops from the last couple of frames.
Quite remarkable what 400mm & 36 megapixels can do these days.

Singapore Supertrees

I'm heading down to the new Gardens by the Bay attraction this week to check out it's green credentials and see how eco and sustainable it really is. I got a sneak preview a couple of months ago so I'm interested to see the first phase finished. Time published a slideshow of images from the opening last week - lots of Singapore's talented agency photographers represented.  I get the uncredited thumbnail on the blog.