Onkar Eye Hospital. Jharkhand, India.

Onkar Eye Hospital from Tom White on Vimeo.

Jharkhand, India. December 2011.

The Divine Onkar Mission is a UK registered charity. Founded by Tersam Lal in 1991, it's aim is to help the most needy in some of the most remote parts of India. Since 1995 it has operated the Onkar Eye Hospital in Jharkhand.

The Hospital routinely treats a wide range of eye conditions including Cataracts, eye infections, Corneal Grafts, Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy either for free or at subsidised rates. Operations are done early in the morning by a volunteer surgeon. If patients can't be treated at Onkar they will be referred to doctors who can help them at low or no cost.

India has a large number of blind people requiring sight-restoring cataract surgery with more than 80% of all blindness in India due to Cataracts in one or both eyes. The WHO/NPCB (National Programme for Control of Blindness) survey has shown that there is a backlog of over 22 million blind eyes (12 million blind people) in India, and 80.1% of these are blind due to cataract. The annual incidence of cataract blindness is about 3.8 million. The present annual level of performance is in the order of about 1.6-1.9 million cataract operations.

Since 1995, Onkar has performed around 15, 000 - 16, 000 operations. 

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