Nightfall, Sibu Island, Malaysia

We don't see the majesty of the night skies anywhere near as often as we should. Whenever I find myself in the dark of night, away from the lights of civilisation I always feel a slight primal fear rise within me and my mind runs back through millenia of evolution to tug a little at those genetic memories from the dawn of our evolution as we slowly began to try and make sense of what we saw. A journey that even today we are only just beginning.

Apparently, John Campbell, who was the publisher of Astounding Science Fiction prompted Isaac Asimov to write a short story based around the premise that contrary to this statement, man would instead go mad. This short story eventually became a book.

If reading isn't your thing, you can listen to it here.

Or you can just go and look at the stars, and see what emerges...

Kambau Bay Resort, Sibu Island, Malaysia

Boats innit.

Sea Gypsy Village, Sibu Island, Malaysia

On the beach, Sibu Island, Malaysia

Palm Plantations, Malaysia

On our way to Sibu Island in Malaysia for some R&R, we drove through miles and miles and miles of Palm Plantations.  One day I may go and explore this properly, as I'd love to find out what the real impact of these artificial forests is on the environment.  Palm oil is an incredibly widely used product but this is actually the first time I've seen any up close.

Marina Bay at Night

Yesterday I went with some students on a night shoot, mostly to get to grips with long exposure and low light photography.  Of course, I took a few shots myself...

Water Baby Rave

After a day of not so much fun at the computer I spent some quality time with the kids and their new snorkels.  When I was watching the footage later I suddenly got a flashback to the early nineties when all the rave videos with random footage in them would be shown on MTV in the early hours of the morning, so I cracked open some music software and gashed together a couple of amen breaks and some dodgy synths and made my own version.  Enjoy.