Fake Polaroid app for Android. Actually not bad. Except that stupid fake Polaroid border. As one of my good friends said though, "I just like squares".


Typical Singapore weather. Just like England really.

kids in retro

Ooooooo, my new phone means I can use camera phone apps. Which of course I will. Everybody's doing it. Now maybe all my photos will look cool like this.


The Singapore International Culinary Exchange

I spent my first week in Singapore on a job trailing around 20 chefs from around the world invited to Singapore as part of the Singapore International Culinary Exchange. Long days, but in the process I visited some of the best places in Singapore in which to eat and buy food, and I was privy to cooking demonstrations by some of the country's top chefs, as well as witnessing the talents of the invited chefs in the cooking challenges that book-ended the tour. Thanks to everyone involved for a quite remarkable introduction to my life in Singapore. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the week. Click here to view the slideshow below over on vimeo.