NY Times Article - Alfresco Surprises to Go With Mendelssohn

On Thursday last week I headed down to what I assumed would be a fairly straightforward concert review for the NY Times, however, a few minutes in, the fire alarm sounded, the hall was evacuated and everyone filed outside. Most of the musicians brought their instruments with them and a few struck up a tune. I recorded a bit of video, but without my tripod, viewfinder, external microphone or any of the other fancy additions I have to make filming video with a DSLR a little easier. The audio quality actually came out really well and overall I was excited about this little interlude as I thought it would make an interesting aside to the main review. The writer, Zach thought so too and led with this in his review. Unfortunately, though my photo of the musicians outside was published, the video never made it, so here it is, shaky camerawork, dodgy focusing, rushed editing, warts and all. If I am honest, I enjoyed this more than the main event, good though that was....

A 5x4, the family, an Aero Ektar lens and the neighbour's pool

I've not been using the aero ektar/speed graphic 5x4 setup as much as I'd like, In part because of it's bulk and in part because of the type of jobs I've been doing.  So I took the opportunity of a leisurely July 4th to break it out while the family relaxed in the neighbour's pool.  Here's one of the shots..