June in the UK, part five

This morning, on the way to drop off a hire car I took a wrong turn down a street which led me under some old London railway arches. The walls were plastered with graffiti, unusually so. I passed a group of guys at work adding to the art. Turns out I was headed down a dead end. A very tight dead end. I reversed back and out. I'll come back here and have a word with these guys I thought. Maybe take a few photos. Hire car returned I headed back. Turning a corner I saw ahead a couple of police cars blocking the street. The Police were already heading down the graffiti filled one way street. Ah. I thought. Oops. A few minutes earlier and my plan would have probably ended with me taking an unplanned trip to the police station. I didn't fancy getting picked up by the police and getting my photos confiscated as 'evidence'.

Anyway, Royal Ascot day trippers, old pubs, rain, sunshine, old friends, good company, beer, cameras, the South Bank, rainbows and the like. Good stuff.

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