Herve with an Aero Ektar

Over the past few months I've gathered the pieces of a new camera kit comprising of a Graflex Speed Graphic and a Kodak Aero Ektar. Here it is, with a rollfilm back replacing the normal graflock back in this instance....

This is basically a lens ripped from old WWII reconnaissance aircraft. It's got a focal length of 178mm, and aperture of f/2.5 and it weighs a ton. With no built in shutter, you need the focal plane shutter of a Speed Graphic to make this lens usable.

Having found a suitable camera and got hold of one of these lenses, I then had to order a custom built lens board, which I got from Jo Lommen, whose site is a fantastic source of information with some very clear instructions on how to fix and adjust the Speed Graphic cameras, and I was good to go.

Here is Herve, sitting on his apartment balcony in Hoboken, New Jersey. This is the first portrait I took with this lens. If I can carry the damn thing, I'll be trying to use this combination a lot.