UPS bomb scare at Newark airport

Friday's bomb scare found me at Newark Airport, hunting for shots of the UPS plane and Emergency Services. By the time I got the call, the main event was already over. When I got to the airport it was pretty quiet, in that I mean it seemed like an ordinary day at Liberty International.

The paper ran one of my pictures on their website for a short time, before replacing it with a shot of the UAE jet and then replacing that with one of President Obama. They ran a slideshow which didn't include any of my shots, which is a shame, as I actually quite like the two above.


I read the articles when I got home and though I take most things with a large pinch of salt, I do wonder at why this whole bomb scare occurred a few days before the U.S. midterms and a few days after a debate in the U.K. about easing some of the security measures. Conspiracy or genuine plot? Or a mix of the two. Who can say...

As an aside, thanks to the ABC TV truck, for providing me with a fast and free internet connection to file photos from, which was way better than the nonsense I had to go through to connect with the Airport's wifi.

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