NY Times Article - Dancing Around Death With Elephant in Room

I was (am) a big fan of Alice In Chains, so I was very happy to land an assignment photographing one of their two sold out shows in New York last week. I have to say it was strange to hear those songs without Layne Staley singing them. The man had a distinctive voice. However, it is probably testament to those song's quality and to new singer William DuVall's talent that they stood up without that rasping growl Layne Staley brought to his delivery. The crowd seemed to enjoy as well. The place was packed, there was lots of happy faces and big singalongs on the choruses. As they played 'No Excuses' which is one of my favourite Alice In Chains songs from the excellent 'Jar of Flies', the crowd joined in and reached a crescendo with the lines "You're my friend, I will defend, And if we change, Well I love you anyway".

Amen to that.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing to see the guys together again!Great pics Tom... it gives you the feeling of what was going on that night!!Alice In Chains u ROCK!!!!=0)hugo.