Nuri & Maru

New York across the Hudson

Having moved away from the Hudson, I actually miss the views across the river so when I found myself along the banks the other day I of course had to take a photo...

A Town Reborn Faces a New Threat - New York Times Article

I recently spent a bit of time in Beacon, photographing some local businesses for the New York Times. Everyone was willing to give up their time for me and were very engaging and articulate. Then, after coming close to not running at all due to - ironically - economic reasons, the article on how small businesses in the town are weathering the recession was published today. An online slideshow can be seen here.

Collecting Clams on Wonsan

Digging for Razor Clams on Wonsan Island (Wonsando) just off the west coast of South Korea, in the Chungcheongnam-do Province. The tripod of my 4x5 kept on sinking into the wet sand...