NYC rain

Today I sat on a train, soaked from the rain and reading the Washington Post, where a story on the front page told of farmers in Southern Australia suffering from a 10 year drought and still stating that - and I quote - "I don't believe in climate change, as such," said Denise, as her husband nodded in agreement. "I think maybe the media, maybe even the scientists, make things sound worse than they really are. It is to put fear into people."

Now torrential rain in NYC in December is maybe not unusual (the wild temperature fluctuations from day to day may well be though...) but a 10 year drought? I think I would be screaming about climate change if I was suffering from that.

NY Times Article - Chess In The Schools

I photographed at this organisation's headquarters and at a chess tournament. Really great bunch of people and a lot of fun to do. The article is online here and a slideshow can be seen here.

Autumn in the Park

Straight out the camera - the colours were that vibrant.... Autumn is my favourite season.

Gran & Grandad White

I really don't get to spend enough time with my grandparents. I hope that like them I live long enough to become a great grandparent. I can't even imagine how that must feel.

Street Soccer USA cup

At the start of August I was in Washington DC and photographed the last few games of the Street Soccer USA cup. Here are some of my favourites - a wider selection can be seen here.