Work-Force Housing - New York Times article

I recently took photographs for this article on property developers who are undertaking housing renovations in Jersey City and Newark designed to encourage middle-income professionals to move into inner-city areas. (The one at the top of the page is an illustration not of my doing though!)

Summer Drinking

This beer is from the oldest still operating commercial brewery, the Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria, which obtained the brewing rights from the nearby town of Freising in 1040. I sampled it in a German pub in Hoboken, New Jersey. I think I shall be visiting Freising next time I get a chance to go to Munich and sampling it some more.

Siesta in Herald Square

The 90 degree midday heat can make you drowsy...

Esperanza at Asbury Park - New York Times article

From the New York Times Real Estate section. I'm really happy with the image they chose to illustrate this article, and how often can you say you had fun photographing a closed building site?

Asbury Park, 4th of July

On American Independence day I found myself on a job in Asbury Park, which I would say is best described as a beautiful ruin of a town. I had plenty of time to stroll around, the people were friendly enough and I had some excellent food in a 3 story colonial style restaurant called 'Moonstruck'. It is a shame the place itself has not been well maintained otherwise it could be a fantastic seaside town.