AMERIKA - Exhibition opening night.

This weekend saw the premiere of the AMERIKA exhibition as part of Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Firstly, many thanks to everyone who was involved in this project and worked hard to make it the success it was. Thanks to everyone who came to the opening night party and kept the space packed with bodies till late in the evening and also to everyone who passed though over the Saturday and Sunday. If you missed it - or would like to see it again - all the information is on this webpage including links to view the slideshow and to purchase the catalogue.

Here are some photos I managed to take during the evening -

People view the work on display.

Gabriele talks to Lucy...

...and poses in front of his photograph.

Pax entertains my son...

...who stayed up late the day before his birthday to see the show.

Exhibitors Christina and Kate...

...Gabriele and Francesca.

It wouldn't be a party without the music...

...or the alcohol!

But it was all about the work on display.

And people having fun.

As the crowd thinned it left more room to dance.

Which was taken full advantage of...

...with some interesting moves.

All the beer got drunk.

And all that was left were some shoes...

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