Plastic Bags

This is what happens when you let someone else pack your supermarket shopping and don't take your own reusable bags; you end up with around 20 plastic bags, with some items getting a bag all to themselves and others getting two. An extreme waste of resources that can so easily be avoided.

Watching the Apocalypse

Well, not quite.

Life is precious

Baby girl, Nuri, born on the 22nd June 2008. 5 weeks early. Baby and mum doing fine...

Peckham, South London, Uk

I liked living in Peckham. I lived in South London for almost ten years, Seven of them in Peckham and the rest just down the road in New Cross and Lewisham.


My son is one year old. Amazing. Being half Korean means he was able to participate in that culture's tradition of choosing his future on this day. An array of objects representing possible careers or futures are laid out in font of him and he is allowed to choose two. I'd been joking a lot about how I wanted him to be a footballer and I was delighted when he actually chose this object (along with a pen as second choice - prompting my own dad to joke that he is going to grow up to be a sports hack.)

Anyway, my good friend Gabriele had bought him a football, obviously knowing what he was going to choose and here he is playing with that particular present.

The Bloody Angle

Doyers Street in New York's Chinatown is also known as The Bloody Angle due to the large number of street battles that took place between Chinese Tong gangs at the end of the 19th Century.

Release The Pressure

Temperatures have soared in New York over the past few days, giving some residents cause to indulge in something of a New York tradition.

An illegally tapped fire hydrant can release up to 1000gallons of water a minute. The fire department will release the valve on request, through it will be more akin to a sprinkler than a geyser.

AMERIKA - Exhibition opening night.

This weekend saw the premiere of the AMERIKA exhibition as part of Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Firstly, many thanks to everyone who was involved in this project and worked hard to make it the success it was. Thanks to everyone who came to the opening night party and kept the space packed with bodies till late in the evening and also to everyone who passed though over the Saturday and Sunday. If you missed it - or would like to see it again - all the information is on this webpage including links to view the slideshow and to purchase the catalogue.

Here are some photos I managed to take during the evening -

People view the work on display.

Gabriele talks to Lucy...

...and poses in front of his photograph.

Pax entertains my son...

...who stayed up late the day before his birthday to see the show.

Exhibitors Christina and Kate...

...Gabriele and Francesca.

It wouldn't be a party without the music...

...or the alcohol!

But it was all about the work on display.

And people having fun.

As the crowd thinned it left more room to dance.

Which was taken full advantage of...

...with some interesting moves.

All the beer got drunk.

And all that was left were some shoes...

AMERIKA - Exhibition Opening

Please join us for the opening reception of AMERIKA

Friday, June 6th 2008
7:00 pm

174 Bogart Street (at Scholes Street)
Studio 316
Brooklyn, NY 11206

AMERIKA is a part of Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival

Curated by Tom White, Deidre Schoo & Nico Silberfaden
Co-ordinated by Lucy Helton