Kenneth Reece

Kenneth is one half of 'Morticians That Care'. This photograph is an out-take from this story I shot for the NY Times and it recently appeared on the blog, L'instant des.

L'instant des

I took this photograph of Favela kids diving into the canal on Ipanema beach in 2005. It is still one of my favourites. Other people seem to like it too. It's most recent appearance was on the daily blog L'instant des. Many thanks to Xuoan.

Volume Magazine

Here are two of my photographs illustrating a short story by Ben Cheetham in issue 3 of Volume magazine, published quarterly in London. At the moment it is only available in select stores in London but you can order it online from their website or myspace page.

Thanks go to Houmam (who models in the Brendan & Brendan fashion shoot in the same issue) for showing my work to Ruby at the magazine. And thanks to Ruby for publishing the work!

By the way, if you want to know what Ben's story is about, you might just be able to read it from the jpegs, though I recommend you buy a copy to avoid straining your eyes!

Maruchi at 10 months old

Two of my favourites from the past month. One taken on a 1.3 megapixel cameraphone the other on a 10.2 megapixel digital slr.

More of the boy here

Hoboken on the Hudson

Might have to try similar shots with the 5x4...

Outside the Corner Shop

Kate & Shiori

Brooklyn Barbeque

Lucy & Emile at Julia's.

Skype me

I remember when I was a kid it was a given that in the future we'd all be talking to each other on video phones. Now I'm waiting for the holographic technology to take off...

Here I'm talking to Anks, Judith and Hugo in Australia.

And here talking to my wife and boy in New Jersey while I was back in the UK

Brooklyn, beer and music.

The other night I went out for a few beers in Brooklyn and listened to some live music.

This is Doro, she plays in lots of bands. Here she is playing violin in 'Gregory and the Hawk'.


Karen is an amazing woman. I was glad I got a chance to catch up with her on my recent trip to London.

Tinsley Towers

These cooling towers in Sheffield are all that is left of a once huge power station. The M1 motorway curves past them and these towers served as a landmark on the journey north to visit friends and family. They are like silent sentinels welcoming you to Yorkshire and reminders of the area's industrial past. It was only when I reached these towers that I felt I had reached the north and my journey was near it's end. I have just learned that they are scheduled for demolition. There are proposals being put forward to make use of the towers but it is possible that one day I will travel up the M1 and they will be gone. That would be a shame.

Easter Passion Play

In Bradford's Centenary Square David Peel acts the part of Christ carrying the cross. I am not a devotee of any particular religion but as I watched I wondered if 2000 years ago there was also a crowd looking on with vague interest as a man bled and struggled on. Things haven't changed much since then I guess.

Berwick St

Berwick St in London's Soho. This street is home to a bustling street market, several good record shops, some boutiques, pubs (of course) and a great Fish & Chip shop. It is where I got threatened by a bunch of drug dealers for taking photos they weren't even in and where I once watched a market stall owner delicately clipping the nails of a pigeon at 7am. This is a lively place.

Things change though. This building site was once a row of old terraces and the red lamps glowed from the upper floor windows every night. This was part of London's red light district. The ground floor shops and offices were punctuated by doorways hanging open with small cards advertising 'model, first floor' and the like. Sometimes people would hang out the windows, calling to each other across the street and to the traders and passers by below. I remember pausing with a friend once as we read a few of the descriptions - busty model, sexy redhead etc - and a nervous looking fellow cautiously asked us 'Are you going in?' to which my friend replied 'Sure, after you mate!'. The expression of pure excitement on this gentleman's face and the way he ran up the stairs left us laughing hard on the street outside.

So many things are gone. The basement record store which sold an incredible amount of rare Ska and reggae, the Tattoo Parlour, The busty models. I wonder what will appear in their place.