Kosovan Independence

Kosovan supporters happy at the declaration of Independence drive through Times Square waving Albanian flags.

McDonalds Breakfast, Boston.


Big up to Richard for getting me out of my chair and down to this one. Thanks to Loefah, Dusk & Blackdown, The Bomb Squad, Juakali, Joe Nice and Dave Q for providing the vibes and the crowd for keeping it live!

Also respect is due to my wife who despite being ill let me sleep in the next day while she looked after our son...

No More War?

My friend Helen dances in front of her homemade placard after participating in the world's largest street demonstration. That was 5 years ago. One day I hope the statement on her sign will be true and we can all dance for joy.

On Brooklyn Street Corners

Hexagram Shi

From the I Ching:

If an army's constancy is subject to a forceful man, there will be good fortune and with this no blame.

'Army' means the masses. 'Constancy' means rectitude. If one is able to practice rectitude through using the masses, he can rely on this to become a true sovereign. Here one has strength and is in a mean position, but another is in resonance with it. Army operations are dangerous, but they are carried out with compliance. If one were to utilise the whole world in this way, one would get all the common folk to follow one. As this means good fortune, how could there also be any blame involved?

The Earth holds water within itself: this constitutes the image of Shi. In the same way, the noble man cherishes the common folk and so brings increase to the masses.


This one's from a while ago but the recent proposals to amend the 'stop-and-search' powers of the UK Police force brought it back into my mind. (Both the picture and the numerous searches I had to endure throughout my teens and twenties...)
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Into the unknown

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