Time Waits

The clocktower of Hoboken Terminal is being slowly rebuilt. The shine of the new copper clad tower stands in contrast to the oxidised green of the old cladding. I look forward to being able to tell if I'm late for my train or not very soon...

Lost in India

The other day I got a phonecall from a friend of mine. I wasn't expecting it. I was even more surprised when she said "Hi Tom we're in India!"

I knew her and her husband (also a good friend of mine as I lived with them both before they were married!) were going on a round the world trip but the most I expected to hear from them was an occasional email, not a phonecall from the subcontinent!

Anyway, they were in a little town on the west coast south of Goa and needed directions. You see, there's a hospitable family who run a guest house there. It's existence is known to handful of people in our old South London friendship circle. A guy we know has been going there on holiday for many years, he helps out the family and also sends business their way in the form of weary travelers from the UK.

It is three years (almost to the day) since my first and only visit to this magnificent part of the world but I remembered exactly where to go. "Follow the road down to the beach and turn right. It's called Nameste Guest House."

Here's the beach itself...

And here's the view over the Hudson River as I walked along it's banks this week.

Where would you rather be?

We had a brief chat and then they hung up. I hope they found it ok. When I arrived in the town in 2004 I started asking around for the owner of the guest house whose name is Krishna. That's like going to a town in England and asking if anyone knows a guy named John. After meeting at least one other Krishna who lived on the shore I did eventually find the place. Take the road to the beach and turn right...

Good to see you back blood....

A week from today I'll be on a plane, halfway back to England. I'm looking forward to seeing some good friends.

Good to see you back blood.....

you know that.

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6 Months Earlier

I am currently working at the ICP (both in midtown Manhattan and the Bronx) assisting Serge Levy and Keisha Scarville in teaching Black & White Photography classes to teenagers.

So I bought a bunch of black & white film for myself to shoot some street stuff and in the meanwhile I dug out some negatives from earlier this year that never made it past the processing stage. The two pictures above are from a sunny afternoon bbq-ing in the outer suburbs north of New York City. They might end up as part of a project on Koreans.

Some times you have to look back to go forward.
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New York Summer Streets

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New Jersey Streets

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Barely Seen

Who are the people we pass in the street?

Is this what I look like to you?
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