Anti War marching on Broadway

New York City, in the driving rain. An anti war rally which drew the usual mixed bunch of protesters each with their own specific agenda and preceded by some righteous speeches which left me with the distinct feeling that for most people this was just going through the motions. Bush and co. were probably relaxing on soft chairs in warm slippers while thousands took to the streets (again) and waved soggy bits of cardboard with slogans on them.

At least the Police were happy. What possible threat could a bunch of wet pacifists pose...?

Another Basement

Rikki, lead guitarist for 'Dogs' lights a cigarette (can't do that anymore!) in the dressing room of London's 100 Club. In the foregound is the band's tour manager, in the mirror is a girl who runs a fanzine.
The show was mental. It was so hot one of my cameras stopped working and the band were sweating buckets, giving it their all. The crowd were loving it. Below is a photograph I took moments before the stage was invaded, the drumkit was knocked for six and all hell broke loose. As frontman Johnny pointed out once everyone had calmed down a touch "You usually let us finish the gig before trying to jump us!"
Rock 'N' Roll.

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Back In The Day

London, 1998. I used to spend the occasional Saturday night hanging out and photographing at InterFACE pirate radio station while the Flame Kru did their show. I'd get a lift up there from South London where members of the crew lived in a semi-squat in Peckham. Several of us huddled in a red hatchback of some type artfully driven by DJ Mikey T through the mean streets south of the river. The studio was in a basement of a building near Tower Bridge right in the heart of the city. It was always dark. It was pretty loud and often a bit raucous. There's a good article on the station written by Hari Kunzru in Wired magazine way back in December 1997. Click here to read it.

InterFACE was broadcasting over the Internet in the days when most people who had a home connection had to unplug their phone to go online. And they streamed video. They were the first of their kind in the UK and guess what - they're still going strong.

InterFACE Radio

Anyway, I found this neg while looking for something else. I think the silhouette is an MC named Breaker who is still on the scene. In the background is DJ Bo!ne who does a lot of work with Love Music Hate Racism. The last time I saw him was a couple of years ago outside a Marxist convention. There are other people I can't quite make out. No idea who's on the decks or what exactly is going on. But I bet it was some ruffneck junglist business...

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Ouside of midtown



I'm not a big fan of midtown Manhattan. It gets a little quieter on the edges of the island though...
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Brooklyn Subway

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Port Authority Bus Station

This image is a blend of a normal exposure and a HDR image (I roughly and quickly used a selective mask in photoshop to blend the HDR over a normal exposure). Personally, I think using a 5x4 camera (or larger) alongside some competant photoshop levels and curves masking would give better results...
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Dubwar & DMZ

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Last Saturday South London based Dubstep crew DMZ descended upon New York for a night of chopped breaks and immense basslines. The music was top quality, the crowd danced and bobbed and yelled for more and the vibe was absolutely positively wicked. For a brief time I thought I was back in deepest darkest London town, riding the 3am nightbus home with my headphones on and watching the rain running rivers down the window panes.... Big up the Dubwar crew and shout out to the DMZ. Pure vibes.
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