Summer in the Bronx - the colour version

This faded mural is for Amadou Diallo, who was shot by four plain clothes police officers. I was told by a local resident that the four men jumped out of a car and ran toward him. Not knowing they were police officers Mr Diallo panicked and ran toward his house while he reached into his pocket for his keys, whereupon he was shot. 41 rounds were fired. Amadou Diallo was unarmed.
The police claim he matched the description of a suspect accused of serial rape, that they identified themslves as police officers and that he refused to respond to their warnings.
All four men were aquitted of murder.
The killing and subsequent trial caused much controversy and attracted much interest from the media and civil rights groups.
Now, like the mural itself, this whole incident seems to have faded into the city's memory...

The South Bronx isn't all sprawling urban industrial landscape; some defies the stereotype - though I do wonder why the side of this house has no windows...

This is Justin outside the school he attends, which was undergoing renovations during the summer recess.

Sometimes you just have to say what you're thinking.
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