Korean Korean or Korean American?

Actually Maruchi is English Korean American. Here he is being fed by his Korean Korean Mum in a lift alongside Korean American Jessica being held by her Korean Korean Dad. Confused? Think how the kids feel!
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Stars & Stripes

Is this what the U.S. Government means when it talks of 'cultivating democracy'..?
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Once upon a time in the Tavern

In case you are wondering why I loved this place so much, here is a story from it's heyday as told to me by my good friend Alex Knell. You should check out his band; The Doctors Of Love. Anyway, here's his tale...

"It was St Patrick's day and there was a crew of folks drinking in ye olde Taverne. I'm sure you were there. Gill & Bex were definitely there. I pitched up without any cash so I took my hat off and was handing it round the table like a beggar asking for coinage and of course everyone was like luzzing in shrapnel and rizlas and other pointless shit. Next thing I know there's a large hand on my shoulder and I'm getting marched to the door by two of them big fuck off burly biker bouncers. They toss me outside and slam the door in my face before I can even ask them what's up. So I'm stood outside knocking on the door politely asking them what the fuck I did wrong and I'm sure it was you and maybe Ian or Tim inside asking them what the fuck that was all about, and they calmly explain, completely straight up, that because it is St Patrick's day, they suspect me of being an IRA fund-raiser! I remember we were all totally incredulous but no matter how much we argued with them, they weren't having any of it and in the end I had to go home. Ridiculous. Hilarious. Another good story is the time Ali was told by some geezer he was going to get shot because he was wearing a fur hat. The Tavern is dead. Long live the Tavern."

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Shiori & Akira

Shiori & Akira sitting outside a White Castle in Fairview, New Jersey at around one a.m. on a night in early July.
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