Traffic Safety

Tonelle Avenue, New Jersey. No one seriously hurt.
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David - Native of Weehawken, New Jersey. Local historian and self proclaimed panhandler.
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Kenny Ken

Big up Kenny Ken - not just for being a top quality DJ but also for using one of my pictures on his myspace profile!
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BBC News picture

So the recent cold snap reminded me of this. Not quite as chilly but getting there....
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Direct Drive

MC Dyer

Liquid refreshment...

It can get dark in a basement at night...
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How white can you get your trainers?

Gabriele contemplates the logistics of photographing surfers. In February.
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Favela Kids on Ipanema beach.
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Harlem Nights

You can't see her but I assure you there is a lady taking out her rubbish in this picture.
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The Garden State

New Jersey, USA. Some trivia...
'The Garden State' is actually heavily industrialised and is the largest chemical producing state in the U.S. It has 108 toxic waste dumps and also the most dense system of highways and railroads in the U.S. The state motto is "liberty and prosperity". As they say over here; go figure.

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