The MTA Nostalgia Train

I was slightly startled when the 'antique' subway car rolled into 23rd st station. If you've ever read Jack Finney's novel Time & Again you might get an idea of how I was feeling. I only rode this train for two stops (shame on me for not walking it in the first place!) but I enjoyed every minute of it. Let's just say these older trains have a little more character than the newer ones...

Travel Photographer Of The Year.

Ok, so I didn't win this competition but I was a finalist in a portfolio category. Click here to see the winners. Below are some images from my entry. All were taken at the end of 2006 in South Korea.

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Smoking Kool

I wish I could quit smoking but it's cool, to be true and with prices like this - can I afford not to smoke?! Partisan advertising at it's best.

Generation Gap

My Grandmother & My Son.

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Around two years have passed since I took this photograph with Dorothee's little point and shoot. Only a few days earlier I'd formatted her memory card by accident! Thank heaven for file recovery software... No wonder I didn't trust digital back then.
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